Our comprehensive portfolio of software services and consultancy, cover different industry verticals.
Solutions to help companies enhance their enterprise operations and ensure exceptional returns on investment.
Different e-commerce solutions for the brand development and satisfy industry values.
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At Halonix Soft, quality and process is important, because we know this is where real benefits are made for our clients. Technical solutions alone do not bring long term improvement. Quality is the top priority for us and we take pride in our solutions. We realize that you will depend your business on our solutions. Customers turn to us to replace systems, sometimes because the original supplier did not show the same commitment to quality that we do. Our solutions are built to fit in with your processes or processes re-engineered to suit a better way of working. Either way, the process and the solution must work together.
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Enhance Customer Experience with Live Chat
Provide live chat support to online customers. Save time by resolving queries and issues immediately. Transfer a chat conversation to a subject-matter expert by inviting them to interact with customers directly, or to provide an expert answer to the mediating agent. Get faster communication and smoother collaboration across countries and time zones.
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Use the reporting tools to gain valuable
insight into your team's performance
Spot potential shortcomings and favorable trends in advance; measure team and individual performance. Identify unresolved customer issues at a glance. Generate statistical reports for deeper insight and accurate analysis. Provide managers with statistics and performance figures so they can manage and redeploy human resources efficiently.
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Search Engine Optimization
Halonix Soft provides solutions to help companies enhance their enterprise operations and ensure exceptional returns on investment. Our service offerings are varied, covering many different industry verticals and our client engagements include small, medium and large companies. Our comprehensive portfolio of software services and consultancy, cover different industry verticals and our client engagements include all size of company.

Our customers typically move from an initial engagement through to a strong relationship where we work together delivering scalable solutions that not only simplify business processes, but improve operational efficiency, moving a step beyond straight cost savings. We are focused on learning and continuously improving our capabilities to drive improvements in quality and productivity for our customers.
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E-mail Marketing
Your Ecosystem
E-mail marketing can be defined as marketing an official message to a group of people using email. It generally binds e-mail to send ads, request business, sales or donations, and is developed to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. E-mail marketing can be done to both the cold lists and present customer database.
Types of E-mail Marketing:
1) Transactional E-mail: Transactional email usually come into action based on a customer’s action with a company. It include purchase or order confirmation emails and email receipts.
2) Direct E-mail: Direct email includes sending an email solely to communicate a promotional message. .
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Fast and Flexible Deployment
Software deployment is an activity that makes software available for use. The deployment process includes several mutual activities with possible conversion between them. These actions can arise at the developer end or at the consumer end or both. Since each and every software system is unique, the exact processes or procedures within each action can hardly be stated. "Deployment" should be explained as a general process that has to be customized according to specific requirements or characteristics.

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